Zouch Catering Group


About five years ago we bought The Country Providore Cafe. ‘Prov’ is a fantastic meeting place from breakfast to afternoon tea with great coffee from Forsyths in Naremburn, Sydney. Every cake and biscuit is made in house as are all the meals.

Our large outside area is very popular with lots of pram room!

Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm, Saturday till 2.30pm and Sunday 9.30am till 2.30pm

We  also caterer ,doing functions, meetings, weddings.

Our mix of wonderful local and overseas staff who are passionate about their jobs and have a great rapport with one another.We are proud of the achievements that our staff have brought shown by the amount of awards mentioned in the Good Food Guide to Restaurant and Catering Awards

‘We’re proud of our strong commitment to safety and hygiene. All staff undertake regular work and food safety training, and management is commited to the proper implementation of all OHS regulations. We believe that safe food and safe work practices are the foundations of a successful business.’

Sex Toys Can Add Spice

Adult Sex Toys Can Add Spice to Any Relationship

It should hardly come as a surprise that adult toys can be a great way to put a bit of spice into things. But the biggest thing that people tend to forget about them is that the term toy is fitting. One should remember just how exciting and fun toys were when a kid. That same sense of novelty and excitement should come with adult toys as well. It shouldn’t just be something that people buy on an anniversary or the like. Instead it should be something that brings a glint to one’s eye and a smile to the lips of any given partner. There’s a lot of ways to put this principle into effect. But there’s a few which are especially fun.

Some ways to plan events around adult toys

One of the best is to make a night of it. Plan a great romantic dinner out on the town. And then come home to show off the great surprise. The dinner might seem like an odd addition at first. But it and similar things are there for a reason. Sex toys JOUJOU are meant to tie into that primal sensory experience that’s a part of human nature. Great food will often have a similar effect on the primal portion of one’s core being. And on top of that it establishes a good emotional connection.

Another great way to go about it is to surprise a partner with a shopping session. Every couple has a time when such a discussion would be the perfect compliment to things. So one can have everything ready for shopping right as the topic comes up. It’s also a great way to have fun discovering a lot about each others tastes.